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Aluminum Extrusion Facts

What is Aluminum Extrusion

Why use Aluminum Extrusion



What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Extrusion Press.

An extrusion press is basically a huge hydraulic jack, usually laying on its side. The cylinder generates the pressure required to force the aluminum through the extrusion die much like the pressure on a tooth paste tube forces the toothpaste through its opening. The aluminum is extruded in long lengths, cooled, stretched and cut to size.

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Why Aluminum Extrusion?

With extruded aluminum products there is no need for designers to compromise ideas and plans. You are limited only by the scope of your imagination. More and more of those that understand materials and how they can be utilized in innovative design solutions are using aluminum extrusions today.

Important Advantages of Extrusions:

  • The cost of a typical extrusion die is extremely reasonable compared to other tooling.

  • Minimum lead time. The process is fast, 4-6 weeks from approved print to production. We now have many standard shapes in stock ready for immediate delivery !

  • Lightweight, Strong, Resilient. A variety of secondary finishes work well on aluminum. It can be Polished, Grained, Anodized or Painted. Fabrication is easy, shapes can be simple or complex.

  • Custom extrusions can be produced to your specifications in alloys #6063, 6061 and 6463. Short runs are practical and available.

  • Anaheim Extrusion offers complete IN HOUSE fabrication including all types of cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, anodizing, painting, assembly and packaging.

  • A wide choice of Open Dies and a selection of specialty shapes and sizes are carried in stock.

 Everyday Uses

Everywhere you look you'll see examples of aluminum extrusions. These include electronic components, vehicle sub-assemblies, architectural structures, appliances, furniture, computers and many more.



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