Extrusion Expertise For Every Job

Extruding metal of all sizes and shapes is a job that Anaheim Extrusion pursues with pride and innovation. For years, we have successfully handled all kinds of extrusion requests, from the simplest to the most complex. We welcome both long and short runs for standard and custom shape designs.

For Universal Service

A division of Universal Molding Company, Anaheim Extrusion invites you to learn more about our wide-ranging extrusion capabilities, at Universal Molding.

Aluminum and metal extrusions of all types and sizes

Die engineering to meet your specs

Light gage, precision roll-forming

In-house fabrication for range of specialty products

Powder coating and anodized finishes

Meet Our Extrusion Specialists

Anaheim Extrusion offers a professional team with years of experience handling your custom requests, from tubing and pipe, to bars, rods and more. We even excel at manufacturing slide and snap fit extrusions used for increasingly popular computer and electronic applications.

Custom Die Engineering

Our design tooling operation ensures custom dies, precision manufactured to your specs. We utilize AutoCAD equipment to create quality dies generated from your own files.

Fabrication Ingenuity

Quality in-house fabricating capabilities enable Anaheim Extrusion to meet a wide variety of special requests. Among our specialties are:

  • Brake Press
  • Cutting and PLC Cutting
  • Drilling and Countersinking
  • Knurling
  • Perforating
  • Punching and Notching
  • Tapping
  • Welding

Select the Perfect Finish

Protect your products from a wide range of climates and conditions, with quality finishes from Anaheim Extrusion. We conduct critical tests to ensure long-lasting performance.

Anodizing – This hard, durable finish prevents fading and offers excellent corrosion resistance, while dramatically improving adhesion properties. Select from a variety of standard and custom colors that greatly enhance the appearance of your extruded products.

Powder Coating – This low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly finish resists corrosion, flaking and scratching. Choose from many quality colors or ask for color matching to meet your individual specs.

Wet Paint – Many different color selections are available to you, as well as a variety of paint types, from acrylics and fluoropolymers, to PVDF coatings such as Kynar and DuraChrome. Our thorough pre-treatment process assures long-lasting results.